Statisticians, computer scientists, designers, and business experts together in the same room to create electronic textile prototypes of tomorrow’s smart fabric industry.

Using a portable biomedical device for signal acquisition and a small microcontroller with sensors and actuators, you will tackle a functioning prototype, a viability/business plan for a product, and the power of ergonomic and aesthetic concepts.

Work in a multidisciplinary team for 48 hours to build the best application of smart fabrics for the healthcare, sport or fashion industries, leveraging the knowledge, experience and tools provided by Accenture, in the Fusion Point space on the ESADE campus.

Who is Hackathon for?

Because this Hackathon spans for a weekend, collaboration in a multidisciplinary team of 5 is a requirement. You can form the groups beforehand or apply individually and the organizers will find you a group. Your group should contain the following profiles:
Data Scientist

You are a passionate and highly analytical data scientist with skills in signal processing, statistical analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning, and programming. Experience in treatment of medical data such as EEG, ECG, EMG, and EDA (Electrodermal Activity) will be the key to success in your role.

Embedded developer/Firmware engineer/IoT engineer

You like to design, develop, and implement embedded systems. If you already had hands-on experience with board computers (such as Raspberry Pi & Arduino boards), and interfacing its sensors, you have made an important step forward for your team’s success.

Software developer

You have a creative mind behind software programs and know how to create applications from scratch. You should already have had experience on several of the following languages: android, iOS, java, python, C++, unity, C#.

Business and/or communicator

You think outside the box and consider yourself an entrepreneur. You are good, creative and disruptive at seeing business opportunities and designing business cases.


You have a sense of creativity, a unique sense of personal style, and a good eye for detail. Experience in the so-called human-computer interaction world, wearables, and in e-textil, will let you create a great prototype.

Evaluation criterion


Usage of sensors, validity of the scientific basis of the method.

Innovation and quality of signal processing techniques used.

Quality/robustness of the software created.

Combination of the three streams (technical, business and design solution).


User experience: adaptability to user need, wearability, and overall user experience.

Fashion: considering current trend, modern fashion design, target costumer base.

Combination of the three streams (technical, business and design solution).


Visibility: considering resources needed to develop the project to scale and timeline.

Scalability: considering units economics and scaling / expansion dynamics.

Combination of the three streams (technical, business and design solution).


The projects will be judged by a panel comprising representatives of the three Fusion Point partners (ESADE, UPC and IED), one representation from Accenture, one industry representative selected by Accenture, one ESADE BAN representative and one venture capitalist.


Hackathon winners

50 participants, 15 winners and up to 3.500€ in prizes. Go for it!


Best technical solution


Best business model


Best design

Special prizes


Any team selected by Accenture will be put in touch with relevant industry partners to evaluate the potential for collaboration with them and/or support in the further development.

In addition, tentatively the best performers might be invited to visit Accenture Digital Hub.


Any team with one Fusion Point member will be eligible for future support from EWorks if they decide to continue the development of the project.

All winners will receive a certificate.